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Aquarium Professionals Group is one of the largest aquarium contracting firms in the United States. Aquarium Professionals Group provides high quality aquatic system design, engineering and management services. Specializing in large aquariums and aquatic displays, we design, install and manage commercial, residential and public marine and freshwater aquatic displays throughout the United States and Canada.

Aquarium Professionals Group opened for business in early 1996 with a tiny office space and an equally tiny warehouse and fish room. We had twenty-five years experience as professional aquarists, a total staff of two (including the owner), a handful of clients, and a dream.

We wanted to create an aquarium business specializing in large custom aquarium design and aquarium maintenance. However, we didn't want to be burdened by the operation of a walk-in retail store. This would allow us to provide a very high level of service to folks who wanted expert custom aquariums and excellent aquarium maintenance services. IT WORKED!  Many years later, we're still going strong!  We install large museum-grade aquariums throughout North America, maintain a large staff, a management team, a 5000 square-foot facility and have hundreds of local maintenance accounts and satisfied clients.
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Aquarium Professionals Group is dedicated to providing the highest quality aquariums and aquarium services available through the constant perfection of the art and science of aquarium systems design and maintenance. We specialize in the design, installation and maintenance of aquariums for those people who wish to enjoy an aquarium in their home or office without the hassle of having to deal with the work. We are one of the only companies in the area that has years of experience working with interior designers, architects and contractors to create successful custom aquariums every time.

We also pride ourselves on our unparalleled aquarium maintenance service.  Our clients appreciate the high level of knowledge, keen eye for detail, and unbeatable response time to any aquarium emergency.  Our success is due to a large staff of extremely qualified technicians, a high level of organization, and an incredible employee training program.  Clients never have to worry about going to a store to purchase supplies or livestock, we bring everything right to their door!  The only thing they need to do is feed the fish and call us with any questions or problems.  And when you call our office during normal business hours, you don't need to worry about playing phone tag - there is ALWAYS someone available to answer your question.

The Aquarium Professionals Group also installs aquariums for hobbyists who want to maintain the aquarium themselves but want to make sure the initial installation is done correctly, using the latest state-of-the-art equipment. We then provide personalized written and on-site instruction, based on the latest information available, ensuring the hobbyist success with their new aquarium (some conditions apply).
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Until we came along, options available to aquarium owners in the Chicago metropolitan area for high-quality aquarium design, installation and maintenance services were limited to either small one-or-two person companies or side-line operations through aquarium retail stores. Unfortunately for the industry, many of these businesses have limited resources to devote to this type of specialized work.

The aquarium maintenance industry has gotten a bad name over the years. Most aquarium maintenance companies consist of one or two individuals, usually with a few years of hobby experience, who are working out of their homes.  Try as they might, there is no way that one person can quickly respond to an aquarium emergency while maintaining a regular service schedule.  We hear horror stories all the time of these smaller companies taking more a week to respond to a client's aquarium problem.  The end result is usually the same - a tank wipe-out.

There are also plenty of aquarium stores that provide aquarium maintenance services on the side. Aquarium retail is far more profitable than aquarium maintenance. It's hard to justify the expense of using a very knowledgeable fish person "in-the-field" when that same person can generate more income in the retail store. The result is that many aquarium stores use some of their less-knowledgeable employees to provide outside maintenance.  Because we don't operate a retail store, our expert technicians are always available to provide excellent maintenance service. 

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