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1500 Gallon Native Fish Aquarium Planning a Custom Aquarium
...The aquarium should be designed around the life it will support, not the other way around. An aquarium is successful when the animals that live in it are in an aquatic environment that duplicates their natural habitat as closely as possible. The lakes, rivers, and oceans of the world contain many different habitats with different physical, chemical, and biological characteristics....READ MORE

5000 Gallon Reef Aquarium Selecting a Source for Your Custom Aquarium
...If you live in the Chicago, Illinois area, naturally we want you to consider The Aquarium Professionals Group for your custom aquarium. We specialize in the design, installation and maintenance of custom aquariums for both residential and commercial applications. If you live outside our territory in the Chicago metropolitan area and are seeking a source for a custom fish tank, here are a few tips to help you select an aquarium company....READ MORE

400 Gallon Marine Aquarium Evaluating Bids for a Custom Aquarium
...You're planning to use a large custom aquarium as a design element for the new addition  to your home. You hired an architect who drew up a beautiful design. You consulted an aquarium expert for assistance during the design process to ensure everything was properly planned. You submitted the blueprints to several aquarium stores. Now you're looking at several bids for the project and wondering why there are huge discrepancies for specified aquariums & aquarium equipment and total costs for the job....READ MORE

Porthole Aquarium Choosing the Right Size and Shape of Aquarium
...Consider the application. Are you setting up a marine or a freshwater aquarium? Will it be a reef tank or live-plant tank? Remember good stocking practices and plan ahead. Instead of setting up the aquarium and then selecting what animals will go into it, plan the entire aquarium around the aquatic life you want and you'll be sure of success....READ MORE

700 Gallon Saltwater Aquarium How to Feed Your Fish
...The leading cause of failure with aquariums is overfeeding. Over-feeding can pollute a tank so rapidly, that the aquarium will appear dirty a week after we’ve cleaned it. One day of over-feeding can release more pollution into an aquarium than an entire month of normal fish waste accumulation....READ MORE

300 Gallon Reef Aquarium How to Stock Your Aquarium
...After over-feeding, over-stocking aquariums or stocking too rapidly takes a close second for the leading cause of failure in aquariums, and is probably the number one reason that many saltwater aquariums fail. Anyone who owns an aquarium usually wants to keep the greatest number of fish possible. New aquarium owners tend to put too many fish in their tank, resulting in casualties. It does no good to have a wide variety of fish if they don’t live very long....READ MORE

5000 Gallon Reef Aquarium Algae in the Aquarium
...It is the bane of every aquarium owner. Algae grows in every healthy aquarium, no matter how well, or how often the tank is cleaned. There is absolutely no safe way to completely prevent or stop the growth of algae. Once it starts to grow in an aquarium, it does so very rapidly. A small patch of algae can triple in size in a few days. When one of our clients calls and informs us that their aquarium is "dirty", we know they’re referring to algae growth....READ MORE

120 Gallon Marine Aquarium Fish Facts - We Answer Common Client Questions
...we have received many calls from clients with questions about their aquariums. Many of these questions were for basic information that doesn’t fit any one particular category. We’ve also gotten a lot of questions regarding odd fish behavior and strange aquarium phenomena. We’ve assembled a list of the answers to many frequently asked questions about fish and aquariums....READ MORE

350 Gal Cylinder Reef Aquarium Your New Custom Aquarium - What Can Go Wrong?
In over thirty years in the aquarium business, David Hauser, president of Aquarium Professionals Group, has seen more than a few poorly designed or installed aquariums. APG has had to rework many aquariums which were not correctly designed. In some cases, the entire aquarium needed to be replaced and reinstalled due to a serious problems caused by poor design or installation....READ MORE

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