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Key Employees
Clear Waters Aquarium Maintenance & Design; Inc. employs a large staff including managers, aquarists, facility, and office staff. Below are brief bios for some of our key employees.

Adam Jenkins Adam Jenkins, Service Manager
Adam has been an avid aquarium hobbyist for many years and has been working for Aquarium Professionals Group for four years. Adam joined our company after serving a tour of duty as a Lance Corporal in the Marine Corps during Operation Iraqi Freedom. 

Adam was promoted to service manager in 2007. He supervises our aquarists and leads local installation projects.

Louis Alfaro Louis Alfaro, Field Supervisor
Louis graduated from Harry Truman College with an Associates Degree in Science. He has worked for Aquarium Professionals Group for ten years and has twenty years experience with aquatic systems. In addition to supervising and training new aquarists, 

Lou also maintains our secure client database, updating client records with new water test data and service notes and comments recorded by our aquarists for each client.
Jeff Babione Jeff Babione, Senior Aquarist
Jeff has a Bachelors Degree in Anthropology from Northeastern Illinois University. He has over ten years of hobbyist experience with marine and freshwater aquariums. 

Jeff's attention to detail and the pride which he exhibits in his work earned him a promotion to Senior Aquarist in late 2005.
Andrew Fairburn Andrew Fairbairn, Senior Aquarist
Andrew is a lifelong hobbyist and has been employed by Aquarium Professionals Group for two years. 

Andrew is one of our technical aquarists, specializing in filter and aquarium mechanical system installation and often supervises some of our larger projects.
Eduardo Martinez, Senior Aquarist
Ed has many years of hobbyist experience in aquaculture and has excelled in his work with our company, receiving many compliments from our clients. 

Ed was recently promoted to Senior Aquarist with our firm.

Mark GoolsbyMark Goolsby, Inventory Manager
Mark managed a local large health food store for several years before being hired by Aquarium Professionals Group. After working in facility maintenance for several years, Mark was promoted to inventory manager. No easy task, as Aquarium Professionals Group stocks thousands of inventory items.
Mark is responsible for ordering, receiving and maintaining our considerable inventory.

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