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In 2004, Aquarium Professionals Group expanded our highly successful aquarium sales, design and installation business to include large, museum-grade aquariums installed throughout North America. We are one of only a handful of large aquarium contractor firms in the United States with enough experience to install aquaria up to 150,000 gallons and beyond. Click here to view our portfolio.

Our first few large national projects went so well, word got around. As there are only a handful of companies in the United States which can handle very large custom aquarium jobs, we're now in high demand. After being awarded bids on projects from some of the nation's largest architectural and contracting firms, we expanded our installation crew to include crews of aquarists devoted mostly to larger national jobs. We now design and install several large aquaria a year across the United States and will also install in Canada and Mexico. Aquarium Professionals Group has been a member of the Better Business Bureau since 2002.

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  Decades of Experience
Are you an architect, designer or builder planning to incorporate an aquarium as part of a new construction or build-out? Do you have a local aquarium company that understands all the required materials they must provide or requirements by other trades they must specify for your project? If your project calls for a built-in aquarium or one exceeding 500 gallons, there's a good chance you won't find a qualified firm in your area.

Let Aquarium Professionals Group bid your project. You won't be disappointed. Click here to view our portfolio.

Our knowledge and experience make Aquarium Professionals Group stand out from the competition. We provide detailed proposals, then expertly design and install aquariums with an attention to detail. Our installations are tight, neat, beautiful works of art. Click here to request a bid from Aquarium Professionals group. 

Our president, David Hauser, has over twenty-five years experience in the aquarium industry, designing and installing custom aquaria. He's been an aquarium hobbyist since 1965. Our vice-president, Sarah Klusak has been working with Dave for more than seven years learning the trade. 

Our team of aquarists and technicians come to us with a minimum of three to  five years freshwater and marine aquarium experience, then undergo an intensive three-month training program. Our management staff are personally trained in custom design and advanced aquarist skills by Dave. We promote managers from within, after they work several years as aquarists, making our managers almost as experienced as "the boss."
  Unparalleled Service After Project Completion
We know of no other national aquarium contractor company that matches the same level of service Aquarium Professionals Group can provide after the job is completed. Most larger aquarium firms install the tank, then move on to the next job. At most, they'll provide a short session for owner training or a bound book of cut sheets and equipment manuals to serve as maintenance instructions.

Aquarium Professionals Group can provide a written, bound, photographic operations manual tailored to each large installation, with labeled photos and step-by-step instructions for all basic maintenance procedures. 

We will locate, interview and train local aquarium companies to ensure the aquarium we just installed is properly maintained and that a good source for livestock is available. We make sure qualified sources for on-going aquarium maintenance exist in a given locality before we bid on a project. 

If desired, Aquarium Professionals Group can provide either the initial stocking of fish or other livestock, or we can stay on-site after project completion to fully stock the aquarium, a process which can take a few months.

Aquarium Professionals Group can also provide long-term service plans with our technicians making monthly, quarterly or biannual visits to perform more difficult aspects of equipment maintenance and ensure the aquarium is a continued success.
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Please click here to complete a form providing some initial information so we may contact you to discuss your project. The form also allows you to upload drawings in PDF format. 

Please note that we only sell complete aquarium systems which we install on location. For aquarium projects which require us to travel more than an hour or two from our facility, we charge for travel, lodging and meals. Typically, most of our national jobs usually exceed $30,000.00 or more. Unless the desired aquarium is 500 gallons or larger, using Aquarium Professionals Group may not be cost effective unless there are no good aquarium sources closer to you. Before completing this form, please click here to read about the added costs of using Aquarium Professionals Group for your project.

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