Aquarium Professionals Group Time and Billing:

  We Bill Per Visit
Aquarium Professionals Group bills clients for labor time, materials, livestock (if requested), and a travel charge if applicable. Time is calculated in 15-minute increments with a minimum of one hour per visit. Our material and livestock prices are comparable to what you would pay in any reputable retail store. 
  How We Calculate Billable Time
We want to be as fair as possible. We have built-in safeguards to ensure you only pay for time spent maintaining your aquarium. 

When your aquarium technician arrives at your home or office, they phone into our office, preferably using your phone if it is available. Otherwise they use a company cellular phone. They call in again when they've packed up their equipment and are ready to leave. Our main office phone lines are equipped with a time log and Caller ID. The system logs the time and location of the call. This allows us to record the time and place of the call even if no one is in the office. We prefer our technicians use your phone so our log verifies the location when they call.

We begin billing you for our services when a technician calls in and stop billing when they call out. Billed time is calculated to the nearest 15 minutes.
  We Ensure Accurate Billing
Invoices are fully itemized so you know exactly what you are paying for. Our technicians follow a standardized procedure when servicing your aquarium. They also take extremely detailed notes during the service. Their paperwork is carefully reviewed to make sure you are not charged for items or livestock you did not receive. 

We maintain a database for each of our clients which, in addition to your aquarium and preference information, also shows a regularly-updated average time it takes to service your aquarium based on an average of all visits. This average time rarely varies after three or four visits. We always compare the billable time it took to service the aquarium with the average time it has taken to do this task in the past. 

If there is a discrepancy which indicates the job took more time than usual, we interview the technician and review service paperwork for any problems or circumstances which accounted for the difference. If additional time spent was the fault of the technician, we do not bill for the extra time. If the increase in time was due to additional required work (e.g. acclimating new fish, medicating), client error (e.g. over-feeding fish, over-stocking fish), or a problem beyond our control (low water pressure), the recorded time is billed.
  Technicians In-Training
Occasionally, your aquarium technician will have a technician-in-training accompany them as part of our on-the-job training program. You do not pay for a trainee’s time. However, if your aquarium is too large for one person to clean in a reasonable amount of time, we will send another technician to assist in the work and we do bill for their time.

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