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  Custom Aquarium Specialists
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In addition to the free-standing standard aquariums we sell and install, each year, Aquarium Professionals Group also designs, plans and installs many custom aquariums in the Chicago area and larger tanks throughout the United States. These aquariums range from smaller 100 gallon tanks to aquariums thousands of gallons in volume. "Custom" typically means the aquarium is built-in but it may also refer to an aquarium with non-standard dimensions or an unusual shape. 

Whether your desired aquarium is installed in a wall, as a room divider or even as a free standing masterpiece, Aquarium Professionals Group has more experience, knowledge and resources to create your dream aquarium than any other source in the Chicago area. Please note that for larger projects, 500 gallons or more, we will bid on projects anywhere in North America.
  Experience Counts
  • More than thirty years experience in custom aquarium design
  • Free initial consultations for new aquariums (Chicago area only)
  • Beautiful aquariums, done right the first time - available in all shapes and sizes
  • From simple free-standing designs to grand built-in masterpieces
  • Beautiful cabinetry in acrylic, oak and other hardwoods, Formica, and any other material, style or finish you can imagine
  • Incredible service after the sale from the largest aquarium maintenance company in the Midwest!
  • We specialize in the installation of custom marine, live invertebrate-reef and freshwater state-of-the-art aquarium systems
  • The ultimate in residential, commercial, and institutional aquatic displays ranging from 30 to 150,000 gallons and beyond
  • All work and livestock backed by the best guarantees in the business!

  Plan Ahead
Aquarium Professionals Group staff have written several articles on the subject of planning a custom aquarium. We invite you to read them:

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Read Part 3 - Evaluating Bids for Your Custom Aquarium
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