Clear Waters Aquarium Guarantees:

  We take great pride in our work, and it shows!
Our clients enjoy true peace of mind - our extensive knowledge and responsiveness is unrivaled. And because we are confident that we can provide you with a beautiful, successful aquarium, we are able to offer you the best guarantees in the business! Request a quotation or contact us today!
  Our Livestock Guarantee for Aquarium Management Clients
If you are a regular service client and you have your aquarium maintained by us at least once every four weeks, we guarantee the health of any livestock we sell for a period of fourteen (14) days from the day we acclimate it into your aquarium. We can offer this because we quarantine all of our livestock for at least fourteen days before bringing it to your door. During this quarantine period, we make sure livestock is free from disease, not overly aggressive and eating properly. The healthy livestock we introduce into your tank are guaranteed to live for at least fourteen days, or we give you a replacement specimen FREE! Some rules and conditions apply*

  Service Guarantee for Aquarium Management Clients
We guarantee your complete satisfaction with our services for 48 hours after we service the aquarium provided you have your aquarium maintained by us at least once every four weeks. If you have any problems, including equipment malfunctions or livestock death within 48 hours of a service, we will address the problem or replace the livestock free of charge.

PLEASE NOTE: We must be notified of complaints within 48 hours from the completion of your aquarium service to correct a problem free-of-charge.

  Free-Loaner Policy for Aquarium Management Clients
Please note that this service is provided only to our regular service clients who have us maintain their aquariums at least once every four weeks. If you are a regular service client of ours, and any piece of critical life-support aquarium equipment on your aquarium fails and can be repaired, we will provide you with an adequate loaner replacement which you can use until your equipment can be repaired and re-installed on your aquarium, even if we did not sell you the failed equipment. Critical equipment is defined as any mechanical or electronic device that is necessary to preserve the health and safety of the livestock in an aquarium. Exceptions to this policy are the aquarium itself, lighting for fish-only aquariums, effect aeration, or any piece of equipment that will not immediately affect the health of the aquarium environment if it is disconnected. This policy does cover lighting when it is critical to the health of the environment, as in freshwater planted tanks and marine live-reef tanks.
  Our Unique Aquarium Catastrophe Policy for Aquarium Management Clients
All we ask is that you follow our recommendations for proper aquarium management. In our client handbook, we provide you with complete written instructions on the scope of your responsibilities, including how to feed your fish and inspect your tank for signs of trouble.

If you do everything we recommend in our client handbook, have your aquarium maintained by us at least once every four weeks, and you still experience a disaster in your aquarium that results in a complete or near complete loss of livestock, we’ll do our best to soften the blow for you. We’ll obtain replacement fish for you at the lowest prices we can find, and waive nearly all of our normal mark up (except what is needed to cover our expenses). 

In other words we won’t agree to lose money in trying to help you, but we will not profit from your misfortune. Some rules and conditions may apply*
  Aquarium & Equipment Warranty on All Aquariums We Install
We warrant all aquariums and aquarium equipment that we sell and install in residential and commercial installations, excluding light ballasts and light bulbs, for a period of six (6) months after installation is completed, parts and labor included, provided we maintain the aquarium.

If any aquarium equipment that we sell and install, excluding light ballasts and light bulbs, fails within the warranty period, we will repair or replace the defective equipment free-of-charge.

We reserve the right to choose whether we will either repair or replace the equipment at our discretion. Please note that this warranty assumes Clear Waters Aquarium is servicing the aquarium. 
*This offer does not apply to cases where the aquarium suffered from obvious abuse or neglect. We will not honor this offer in cases where we have determined beyond any doubt, that the aquarium has obviously been ignored, overfed, under filtered or overstocked.

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