Aquarium Professionals Group Aquarium Monitoring Service:

  Peace of Mind
With aquariums, sometimes things go wrong, especially with systems that have been set up for a few years. Pumps, chillers or other mechanicals can fail, one or more fish can suddenly die for one or more reasons. When you're away, a failed pump or other device can cause catastrophe. Fish dying in the tank can begin to rot, polluting the water. If you're away on vacation or a business trip when this happens, there's little you can do. We have the answer! 

 If you have a large aquarium housing expensive fish and corals, you probably have thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars invested in your aquarium. If you're frequently out of town and don't have someone who can monitor your aquarium when you go away, or you just want more peace of mind, you may want to consider using Aquarium Professionals Group's remote monitoring service.

  How It Works
 A computer specifically designed for aquariums is installed on your aquarium mechanical system. This computer at minimum can monitor aquarium pH, ORP (an important measure of overall water quality) and temperature. If equipped with additional sensors, it can also monitor other functions such as dissolved oxygen, low water level, power outages, pump, heater or chiller failures and more. 

The computer is connected to a dedicated, always-on Internet connection (supplied by owner). Aquarium Professionals Group has servers with software which monitors the computer from our facility, using an encrypted, secure connection. 

Should anything go wrong, our technicians are automatically notified, 24/7 so they can attend to the problem immediately. Some problems may even be solved by sending commands to the computer monitoring your aquarium from our server, such as raising ozone levels, turning on backup pumps or resetting light timers. We can also arrange to have the software notify you of the problem via a phone call, pager or email, with follow ups sent by our technicians so you're kept in the loop. Contact us
  What's Required?
This service is not for everyone. The computer system, software and related equipment range in price from about $1,500.00 to several thousand dollars plus installation labor. Total equipment costs depend on what functions will be monitored. We also charge a monthly monitoring fee, billed to a credit card kept on file. 

In addition to the computer system installation, you'll need to install an always-on (DSL, cable), dedicated CAT5 Internet connection near your aquarium equipment. Your Internet provider must make sure the Aquarium Professionals Group server has access to your home network. 

We also suggest you allow us some means to access your home, office or wherever your aquarium is located in case no one is available to let us in when we receive an alert. 
  Request More Information
If you're interested, please contact us for more information, to arrange a consultation or provide you with an initial estimate.

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