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Additional Costs for Larger Jobs Outside Illinois

Additional Costs of Larger Aquariums We Install Outside Illinois
Clear Waters Aquarium, based in the Chicago area of Illinois, installs aquariums throughout North America. The cost of these aquariums and related equipment is no different than if we were installing them in the Chicago area. 

However, when we work on a project outside our service area in or near Chicago we do charge for freight, travel, meals, lodging and other expenses associated with getting the tank, equipment, our tools and personnel to the job site. If the aquarium is very large or it is built-in we may also charge for our time and expenses during the design phase. 
Travel and Lodging
If a job is located more than two hours outside the Chicago area, Clear Waters Aquarium staff working on the project will stay in hotels for the duration of the project so we don't waste several hours per day traveling and can complete the project in less time. 

We charge for the expenses we incur for travel, lodging and meals.
Design Phase Costs
Clear Waters Aquarium spends a fair amount of time creating drawings and construction submittal documents for very large or built-in aquarium projects. We also may need to travel to the proposed job site to meet with owners, architects and contractors prior to beginning design work. 

We bill for our time and expenses for our design phase work on these larger projects. Charges vary depending on the location, size, and scope of the project. Typically we bill for design work separate from the aquarium installation portion of the project as we often need to do the designing before we receive a deposit payment for the aquarium installation work.
Freight and Rigging
We bill customers for what we must pay in freight to transport the aquarium and equipment to a job site. Our quotes include estimates for freight and, if required, rigging subcontracts to unload larger aquaria off of trucks and place them in position. 

When the job is completed, actual freight and rigging invoices are used to reconcile any differences in cost, and the final balance is adjusted, if need be, before the final bill is presented for payment.

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